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Agreement for Civil Infraction Representation
Moffitt & Baker, P.A. (Law Firm) agrees to provide legal services to Client (you) relative to civil traffic infractions and client hereby agrees to retain and
employ the Law Firm for the representation of client in said case, and in no other cases. Law Firm will not represent Client in any other civil actions
related to said traffic infractions. Client agrees to pay as follows: A flat fee of $60 for traffic infractions from one stop. If multiple tickets were given in one
stop the fee is $60 for all the tickets; if you have multiple traffic tickets from different stops than each stop you received a ticket will be $60 and you must
complete multiple forms and payments. The above fee includes multiple court appearances to enter a plea on behalf of Client but does not include a
trial. If a trial is requested the total fee will be $120. The $120 fee includes up to one trial and does not include retrial, rehearings, appeals or other post
trial matters.

     Responsibility to provide legal services will be accepted and work will begin upon receipt of the flat fee of $60. The fee is a minimum and is
nonrefundable and said non-refundable initial retainer is deemed earned upon commencement of representation.

 Client authorizes Law Firm to enter a plea of no contest with the Court and understands that there is no guarantee the Court will Withhold Adjudication.
If Client authorizes Law Firm to proceed to trial if Law Firm is unsuccessful at receiving a Withheld Adjudication (no points), Client will provide the
remainder of the fee to Law Firm within 10 days of notice or Law Firm will have the right to withdraw representation. Client understands Law Firm cannot
guarantee the Court will allow Law Firm to receive a withheld adjudication for Client and that Law Firm cannot guarantee any result and makes no such

 Client is suggested to contact Law Firm ahead of time before hiring Law Firm for a mandatory court appearance type of civil infraction. Mandatory court
appearances may require the Client to appear in Court and attend advanced driver improvement school in order to receive a withheld adjudication.

 Client authorizes law firm to request a driver improvement school if in doing so the Court may order a withheld adjudication.

 Client will notify Law firm immediately if the ticket was issued 20 to 25 days ago. Client agrees to contact Law Firm before hiring Law Firm if ticket was
issued 26 days ago or more. Law Firm will not be responsible for any penalties associated with late requests for hearings if Client does not contact Law
Firm as agreed.

 Client agrees to update Law Firm on any change of address, email address, and/or telephone number within 5 days of change.

By submitting payment Client agrees to all the terms and conditions of this agreement.
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