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                                                                                  CDL HOLDERS

                                                                                                           You drive for a living, let us protect you!

    For non-commercial drivers a judge has discretion to withhold adjudication for civil traffic citations. Withholding Adjudication does not count as a conviction so no points are assessed
on the driver. To comply with federal regulations, Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (FLHSMV) will no longer permit Judges to withhold adjudication on traffic citations for CDL
holders. If a judge does withhold adjudication for a CDL holder, FLHSMV will send it back to the clerk to change to a conviction. Even worse, CDL holders cannot elect traffic school to
receive a withheld adjudication.

What this means to you.

    Without the option withholding adjudication for CDL holders it is more important than ever to create a personal plan for fighting your ticket.

    We will always look for any technicalities to have the ticket dismissed (technicalities are rare, but cops, just as any person, do make mistakes).

    We need to find out what the citation means for your employment. If your license may be suspended or your job is in jeopardy we need to prepare a trial strategy.

    If your license isn’t at risk of being suspended and your job is secure than you may just want to pay the citation.

    If the citation requires a mandatory court appearance we can appear on your behalf and enter a plea for you. This saves you time and allows you to stay in work while we take care  
    of the citation for you.

    If your citation does not require a court appearance and you do not want to take it to trial, you can always pay the citation without our services.

Let us evaluate your citation and the facts so we can advise you on your best option. If you do not need our services we will let you know, for free!

Consultations are free!

Hiring us costs just $60 to argue technicalities and plea on your behalf. Court costs, fines, and driving record are additional.

Our fee to argue technicalities, plea on your behalf, and take the case to trial is just $120. Court costs, fines, and driving record are additional.

We are here to protect your rights, please contact us with any questions you may have about your citation.