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Hire a Jacksonville Ticket Attorney to handle your criminal traffic ticket for you!

When faced with a criminal traffic infraction it is important to hire a Jacksonville ticket   
attorney to protect your rights. Criminal traffic infractions may be a misdemeanor or a
felony and may include points!

Below are some common Criminal Traffic Violations

Criminal Misdemeanor Traffic Violations:
  • Leaving scene without giving information - 316.061(1)
  • Failure to leave information - 316.063(1)
  • Failure of party to accident to provide proof of insurance to investigating officer -
  • False report - 316.067
  • No driver license - 322.03(1)
  • Expired driver license (more than 6 months) - 322.031(1)
  • Using driver license from another state while FL suspended/revoked license -
  • Operating a vehicle while drive license suspended/revoked/cancelled - 322.34(2)
  • No CDL - 322.53(1)
  • No motorcycle endorsement - 322.57(2)
  • Driving while driver license suspended - 324.201(2)
  • Driving under the influence - 316.193(1)
  • DUI with property damage - 316.193(3)(a)(b)(c)1
  • Refusal to submit to Blood Alcohol test (2nd refusal) - 316.1939(1)(e)
  • Misrepresentation of insurance - 316.646(4)
  • Racing on road - 316.191(2)(a)
  • Reckless driving - 316.192(1)(a)
  • No motor vehicle registration - 320.02(1)
  • Leaving a child unattended in a motor vehicle - 316.6135(1)(a)

Criminal Felony Traffic Violations:
  • DUI with serious bodily injury - 316.193(3)(a)(b)(c)2
  • Leaving scene without rendering aid - 316.027(1)(a)
  • Selling/manufacture/deliver false ID card or driver license - 322.212(1)(d)
  • Driving while driver license revoked for Habitual Traffic Offender - 322.34(5)
  • Reckless driving involving serious bodily harm - 316.192(3)(c)(2)
  • Fleeing/attempting to elude a police officer - 316.1935(1)

These are just some Criminal Traffic Violations in Florida. We are here to protect your
rights in all criminal traffic violations. We offer flat rate fees for representing you in
these matters and are flexible with payment options.

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