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Hire us for only $60! Applies to noncriminal traffic infractions, court costs, fines, and optional
trial fee may apply and are additional.                                       

Hiring us is fast and easy. There is no need to leave your house, and in less than 10 minutes
you can have a traffic ticket attorney represent you. You can hire us for most tickets

Don’t allow points to add up on your license!

If you are faced with a ticket in Jacksonville, Florida you do not want points to be added to your
license. Points can mean increased insurance rates for years and getting too many points could
mean losing your license.

Your options when you receive a ticket:

1.  Pay the ticket. You can do this online, in person, or by mail.

It will count as an adjudication of guilt.
You will receive points if it was a moving violation.
Insurance rates can go up.

Elect driving school if you are eligible.

If you elect driving school, complete the 4 hour course adjudication will be withheld, i.e. NO POINTS.
You cannot elect driving school if the ticket requires a mandatory court appearance.
You can only elect driving school five times in a lifetime and only once within a 12 month period.
CDL drivers cannot elect driving school.

Fight the ticket!

If you cannot elect driving school or just don’t want to, hire a Jacksonville Ticket Attorney to argue the
ticket for you.We can usually appear on your behalf and fight to AVOID POINTS on your license.
You won’t have to waste time in a courtroom.We will fight so you are not found guilty.

Contact us today! Having an attorney does not have to cost you more than the ticket itself. We
represent you for only $60 an appearance; applies to noncriminal traffic infractions, court costs
and fines may apply and are additional. That includes multiple tickets from the same stop! And
usually the ticket is handled in just one appearance. If you want to take the ticket to trial, we will
zealously represent you at trial in order to get you the most favorable outcome.

How we fight for you:

First we go over the ticket to make sure it is legally sufficient. If there is any discrepancy on the
face of the ticket it may get thrown out.

Second we speak directly to you about the ticket and your driving history. This helps us decide
if there are any other deficiencies with your ticket and helps us if we need to plea bargain.

Third we find out what you want from hiring us to represent you and go over possible outcomes
to help you decide what is your best way to proceed. If you don't need an attorney, that's fine,
we will tell you and we will be glad to of helped.

Fourth we file the proper document to appear on your behalf and get ready to keep your driving
record clean.

Fifth we let you know what happened in your case right away. This way you can plan
accordingly if you are set on a trial or need to plan for any court fines and costs.